Think You Have A Psychic Ability? How to Know If you Have Psychic Abilities

Think You Have A Psychic Ability? How to Know If you Have Psychic Abilities

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A lot folks have asked if I believe that they may have real psychic abilities, and if they do – how could they manifest or develop them? Amazingly, many of us have real psychic abilities at some level and usually are not even cognizant of it.

Although it’s true that young children have a tendency to reveal these talents to a significantly greater extent than adults, some grown ups develop, or at least become aware of, psychic abilities after childhood.  Sometimes, they call it hunches, instinct, “their gut” or any number of other ways of talking themselves out of a more paranormal explanation for their psychic abilities.

Persecution of People With Psychic Abilities

It really is sad that a lot of cultures across the entire world tend to see those that have psychic skills as bizarre, odd, unnatural or someone to be hated and feared. This particular negative stigmat makes some young psychics be shunned or made fun of – or worse feared or informed they have mental problems or much worse since science can’t quantify psychic abilities and is afraid of the thing it can not quantify. However, quite a few fortunate youngsters make it into adulthood whilst retaining their psychic abilities.

Real and Imagined Psychic Ability – How to Tell

There are actually some individuals who actually WANT to believe that they’ve got a psychic abilities – but only a small number of those truly possess the gift. If you think you’re psychic, there are several simple steps you may take to examine yourself and see if you’re psychic.


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Dreams can sometimes reveal an innate psychic ability. Record your dreams since they will help you uncover if you might be psychic. One of the better methods to know if you might be psychic is by dreams. When you have dramatic dreams or dreams that come true, you most likely possess some form of psychic ability. Dreams work on various levels and often a psychic may consistently have the identical or similar dream. Many are reflections of your circumstances and feelings about specific situations, but psychic dreams tend to be more articulate and easier to remember. Be certain you pay attention to your dreams and note vivid dreams or the ones that happen, as these are very good indicators of an power called precognition.


Recognize how frequently you are able to feel the emotions of other people. In the event that you happen to be remarkably responsive to the emotions of other folks, you might be psychic. Especially, you most likely are an empath. Psychics that have empathy, have the capability to sense or experience the emotions of others – just like the way a telepath can experience the thoughts of others. In reality, empathy and telepathy are strongly associated psychic skills.

Spiritual Path

Gauge your spiritual pursuits. The term psychic stems from the Greek vocabulary and means “of the soul.” Yet another indication of being a psychic could be a powerful firm belief in God or what you think of as a High Power, or a deep connection to a universal power. Psychics generally also believe in life after death as well as the ability of the soul to exist in other realms. A number of psychics sometimes have the skill to connect with the spirits of those people who have passed on.

Practice Makes Perfect

After you discover that you’re psychic, you will most likely need to enhance your skills. Many people who are psychic usually tend to improve their capabilities through meditating. There are also certain institutions that teach people how to access and develop their psychic abilities.

There are individuals that have frequently thought about being psychics. Numerous possible psychics can look for powerful dreams – particularly those dreams that come true, the power to sense the emotions of others, a deep faith or sense in a higher power and a belief in a hereafter. If you actually have psychic capabilities, you can boost those capabilities by means of meditation.


  1. JackReynolds

    Every year of Fall I begin to have more vivid dreams and become more depressed. My intuition sky rockets and also my creative abilities and thinking gets way better. I think I’m an empath and I’ve always wondered if season change have anything to do with psychic abilities. Am I the only one that experiences this?

  2. The Dark Knight

    How do i meditate on my chakras? can i make them stronger? How can Chakra meditation further psychic ability? how are your chakras connected to psychic abilities?

  3. Bryant B

    Which perticular meditation should i do to develop and improve my psychic abilities. Thankyou

  4. stingerms

    Hypothetically, if one were to posess psychic abilities, had the ability to see the future, and wanted to strengthen said powers, how would one go about doing so? What are some techniques that strengthen the the mind and could possibly help to strengthen one with psychic abilities?

  5. henryshensbcglobalnet

    Sometimes i get images in my head of things happening and i think i’m just imagining it but then it happens, i would like to know what psychic ability this is called?

  6. Salam

    I believe that I have psychic abilities and saw something today that God (I am Christian) hates people who engage in psychic things or talk to spirits. I was just wondering though why He gives people “gifts” if He even killed Saul because he consulted the dead. It doesn’t even make sense to call it a gift if it’s more like a curse. Please answer me because it would mean a lot to me!!!

  7. Disrae

    For about 4 yrs I have seen the future many times. I honestly wouldn’t even considor it “deja vu”. The only problem is that when I see things like that they don’t happen right away, it’s usually random. It may be that same day, or a different day or even a yr away. Are there any ways to help yourself understand them more and extend your psychic ability?


  8. RxP DarkBox

    I would like to get better at being in tune with my psychic abilities.
    But I have Bi-Polar disorder and I think it keeps me from having a “clear head”
    And being open to signs and clues that might otherwise be easy to connect with.
    I also have irrational fears if I ever come in contact with a spirit that is present.

  9. RuMKilleR

    I need suggestions for my book. I’ve already come up with twenty-nine ideas, but perhaps only four of them directly pertain to psychic abilities. The rest are only really cool, Cirque de Soleil-like performances that regular humans could do.

    As for the psychic powers themselves, you can incorporate anything. Telepathy, telekinesis, premonitions. Just throw out ideas.
    The world where this takes place is a fantasy world, and these powers are commonly known and accepted.

  10. cardskid22

    I have lucid dreams and my grandma had psychic abilities. Is this related in anyway?

  11. Erfan

    I’ve always been fascinated and ever since I had several precognitive dreams and thoughts, I’ve become interested in developing Psychic abilities. I know I have them, but how can I bring them out more?

    Thanks for answering. It’s an easy ten points if you give a good enough answer!

  12. Orbit

    I have always had some abilities such as sensing if someone was a good person or they were bad, It has always been true and had been proved so by the people, I also have also sensed others feelings and have felt I don’t if I should say a presence if I go somewhere or live somewhere new, somewhere where I feel something happened there, I just want to know if I have psychic abilities, or how to inprove them.

  13. Vultre9

    Usually about two times a week I have a deja vu moment that lasts from 30 seconds to 5 min. It’s so vivid and I remember dreaming that exact scene at a previous time. Does anyone know what this means? Are there ways to find out if a person has some psychic abilities or how to mature them?

  14. sean

    I need suggestions for my book. I’ve already come up with twenty-nine ideas, but perhaps only four of them directly pertain to psychic abilities. The rest are only really cool, Cirque de Soleil-like performances that regular humans could do.

    As for the psychic powers themselves, you can incorporate anything. Telepathy, telekinesis, premonitions. Just throw out ideas.
    No duh, Mikey. Did I not mention that it was FOR MY BOOK in the first sentence?

  15. Vultre9

    How can you develop your psychic ability?

    Say that your ability is already average in its strength.
    How can you develop your psychic ability and push yourself further?
    Such as can you study with veteran psychics or at a school or somewhere and study it more in depth?

    Just curious always wondered all that.
    Serious answers please.

  16. ttocs

    what are a list of different psychic abilities,how can i develop them?

  17. Victoria T

    Im really interested in increasing my psychic ability without paying for anything so i thought you guys could help me so plz i would like to develop my psychic power if there is a method plz write it here!!

  18. MexicanDude

    I heard that your born with a psychic ability. Anyone know how to figure out what your ability is?

  19. Maggie

    I am really a beginner to psychic abilities. But I believe that nothing is impossible. I need to practice psychic abilities on zener cards etc. But I need to improve psychic abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, empathy, precognition etc. Will I need to take classes for it? There is no psychic in my area. Can I take online classes? Any suggestions?

  20. Picean

    nowadays we see there are so many films has released that expose us paranormal abilities or psychic abilities of human , is there a purpose behind these movies to expose us these things or its only for promotional purpose?

  21. Jeanelle the Retard

    I feel like I have psychic abilities but I just dont know how to use them. I feel like I need to learn them, this is very hard to explain. Who should I go to get help for this and how can I improve them? No skeptics please. Thanks!

  22. skychi99

    I am very curious what people who
    m are interested in the unexplained, think about psychic abilities? How do YOU think it works? Do you have a story? A theory? Personal experience? Are YOU psychic? Please share!


  23. Matthew S

    i always thought that psychic abilities were developed through meditation, and mental exercises. But i was reading about people using ouija boards, and just by merely using them, their psychic abilities were developing. they began to see and hear spirits, and “know things” that they normally wouldnt be able to know.
    is this possible, and how?
    @Hi im green
    yes. i googled it and read some articles on people’s experiences using the ouija board.

    I guess no one is going to respond with a serious answer… *sighs*

  24. dubmecrazy3

    Hi if you do not believe in psychic abilities please do not answer the question what are the ways of tapping into your intuition at will? I read something about imaging a screen behind your eye and asking the question is this true? Are there any effective methods? Other than using a pendulum? How can you get psychic visions when you want to? What if you’ve already had a psychic experience and want to induce it more? thanks

  25. Matthew

    I’m curious about psychic abilities and i am wondering how to enhance them? I already know some things things about psychic abilites and i am quite interested in spiritualism…

  26. Ed D

    And what I mean by the psychic ability, I mean like seeing the dead or spirits and other stuff like that. You know what I mean? How can you determine if someone is just hallucinating or actually has psychic abilities?

  27. veemodz

    I feel like my psychic abilities are a little stronger than most others. For example when I look back after I make mistakes I find that I had feelings that if I followed I would have avoided the mistake. That’s one example and I have others. I want to learn to get better at interpriting my feelings and whatever else that would be useful. Advice and quality websites would be apreciated.

  28. Ray D

    What are some clues that you are actually developing a stronger psychic ability?

    How do you know when your truely having a psychic experience and your not just going insane?
    (I beleive, Psychics are truthful.)

  29. callofduty5123412

    I’ve hear the different star signs have different abilities. So what ones have this and does cancer have psychic abilities?

  30. rashest_hippo

    I know these are real because I have experienced them. Please do not tell me they are not real, you’re wasting your time.
    So, what are some things I can do to increase my psychic abilities?

  31. musicistabest

    Is it possible that you can have a psychic ability and not even know it?

  32. joevsyou

    Where in MN is there a place where kids can attend to work and practice with there Psychic abilities? Somewhere maybe in the twin cities..? I can’t find anything?

  33. Brian

    I wanna know if its possible to inherit a psychic ability from a relative. She was known for being “gifted”. Before she passed away when i was younger, she told her children (including my father) to find god so that no spirits or the “gift” would pass to further generations. But I’ve been experiencing strange occurances such as dreams that have come true. Most of them misfortune. Im a pretty open minded person myself, not saying im a full blown believer in dark arts or witch craft.

  34. Kobe

    Is there a kind of psychic ability that allows a person to feel when another person gets sick and then that person gets sick with the same thing at the same time or just after. I mean I hear twins can feel things like this but what about just friends? Btw I am just curious about it is all.

  35. xiM Clutch

    I am not aware of a gene for physic abilities. Aren’t psychic abilities suppose to be a spiritual thing that is not related to the physical body?

  36. nyyankees1123

    When I was a child I used to have psychic abilities. I had what my parents thought to be an imaginary friend, but he wasn’t imaginary bc I remember playing with him. Also I was able to see things before they happened. I predicted a car accident my cousin was in & a broken cell phone.

    I know it’s been a long time (I’m 18 now) but I would really like to regain my abilities.

  37. shahedC

    What do do psychiatrist think about their patient claiming to having a psychic ability? What if one patient experience paranormal activity right in the psychiatrist face. For example “Telekinesis” Imagine the psychiatrist talk to the patient, then all suddenly the patient gets angry and then books and papers start to fall down to the ground without anyone touching them. Would psychiatrist think is more than just a mental illness She/she (patient) has? Or would they just deny the existence of paranormal activity out there, and would just still consider him/her mental ill only?

  38. Courtney

    I came home last Thursday evening after picking up my son from daycare, brought in some groceries, put the groceries away and started dinner. I didn’t go anywhere on Friday. Then on Saturday night we were leaving and going to take my car but we couldn’t find the keys. We took my husbands car instead and then on Sunday we started really looking and still can’t find them. If anyone on here has any psychic abilities and can give me some insight as to where they might be I would greatly appreciate it! I just don’t know where to look anymore. Thanks!

  39. sarah w

    The ability to see something in one place while in another place. For example, if I was in the Kitchen I would use this psychic ability to see what’s happening in the Bedroom upstairs.

    What is it called? Thanks.

  40. Franklin Bluth

    People often claim that babies and small children have greater psychic abilities than adults and that they are more sensative to spirits.
    What evidence is there for these claims?
    Could tests suitable for very young children be devised to try these theories?
    When you say that you know something for a fact you often have some evidence that supports your idea. It’s that evidence that I am asking about.

    How do you know that an imaginary friend isn’t just that? Do you know any children that have been taught to speak in a foriegn language by a spirit for example?

  41. Jack Bauer

    I have a tiny, tiny inkling of an idea that I might have some psychic abilities. What can I do to hone these and maybe develope them more?

  42. Roflcopter

    It was so errie that my husband has strong psychic ability. It was pretty scary when he told me that he has a strong premoniton that me and my daughter will have a car accident soon. I noticed that his premonitions seem always right, but can premonition be prevented?

  43. MexicanDude

    Now please read ALL of this before answering. I want to know multiple things but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet, that is not made up. What percentage of kidsteens have psychic abilities in america, What percentage of people in america believe in having psychic abilities, and what percentage of people in america DON’T believe in psychic abilities..? And what percent of people in America have psychic abilities. I know it’s a lot but i REALLY wanna know.

  44. Bryant B

    I have heard that women are just naturally more open to their psychic abilities and esp type of things. What makes that so?

  45. Willie

    This is a serious question so please only reply if you know what you are talking about. No jokes and no conjecture.
    Up until my senior year of high school I suffered (well maybe that’s not the right word) I envisioned things long before they occurred, but this typically happened in dreams. I am a lucid dreamer and when these instances happened I could not control what I saw or what occurred in my dreams. It became a problem because I was so busy with school and life, and some of the things I saw scared me so I actively tried to stop the visions and I purposely have tried to sleep fewer hours so I will not remember my dreams. Now, like 6 years later I can’t seem to get it back. I have time to deal with it now, and if I could learn to control it I want it back. One good thing is that I don’t get migraines anymore. How do I get just the psychic ability back?

  46. evangldbrg

    I’ve hear the different star signs have different abilities. So what ones have this and does cancer have psychic abilities?

  47. Jeffery Carlson

    If you are a christian but also experience psychic abilities, how do you handle it? Do you welcome it or bury it in fear that it’s of Satan rather than God?

  48. Christopher J

    I’ve had psychic abilities my entire life, at the age of two i was talking to my dead aunt( whom i never knew), last feb. i knew my grandpa was going to die, and about a month ago i discovered i have empath abilities. will i go to hell because of my abilities?

  49. lildevilgurl152004

    i have visions a lot. i know whats going to happen next. An example of this is one day while i was at school in homeroom i had a vision that the power was going to go out in 3rd period…3rd period came and the power went out. i mean thats not the only thing that has happened thats just an example.
    Also, if i do have them how can i make them stronger as in how can i use them better

    BTW: i am 13. i also have found that i sometimes can read minds.

    if you are going to say anything nasty keep it to yourself. i am not some devil worshiper as i dont believe in god or the devil. I also try to use my abilities to help people.

  50. PoohBearPenguin

    Hello everyone, I’m Cathy and i’m seventeen.
    I’d like to know if theres anyone i can talk to or anything I can do to expand my “abilities”.
    It doesn’t run in my family. So my family thinks i’m crazy, haha and I’m not.

    I’ve always seen the world differently than other people my age, and I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. I’ve met a lot of psychics in my life, and few of them told me that they were drawn to me. The first time it happen, I was about 10 years old. This very nice lady lived in the apartment building my grandma lived in. She told me I had a gift. I never understood what she meant until maybe 3 years ago.

    Now, I’m not saying i’m full on psychic, because I don’t believe I am.
    But I do believe that i’m not like others. For the past 3 years or so, I’ve noticed a lot about myself.
    I tend to pick up on other people’s emotions, and with a little background information I can give very good advice to people that always tends to work out for the best with those people. I sometimes think I can “see” what makes people happy. When I really start to get close to people, I finish their sentences. And I can seriously tell them what their thinking, not on the spot though. I’m very sensitive to people’s feelings and emoions. I know when I make people mad, or uncomfortable. I also tend to know when people are lying.

    But here lately, it’s gotten pretty intense.
    heres and example of things that have happen the last few days…
    (Austin is my boyfriend)

    On Friday December 18th, my father picked me and Austin up from school due to an ice storm. We decided to go to the grocery store for some things we might need if the electricity were to go out. My father went into the grocery store while Austin and I waited in the car. While waiting, I got a horrible feeling. I feeling I could not explain. All I knew was that something was terribly wrong. Something told me to call two of my friends, Holly and Kamille. I called them and there was no answer. Austin tried to calm me down, saying I was just freaking out. But I insisted on that there was something wrong. After we got home from the grocery store, my friends called me back. They both wrecked. COINCIDENCE?

    Tuesday December 22nd, I find out that Austin’s mother is dating her ex- boyfriend again. Weeks prior to this (when the relationship had been over for weeks) I have a dream about Austin’s mother calling me and I missed her call. So I check my missed calls and she had called me from her ex boyfriend’s phone. I call the number back and I talk to his Mom. The next day I wake up and tell Austin about my dream, and he says “That will never happen.” And a month later they’re back together.

    I mean, theres other little things I can do. Like pick my phone up before it rings, close my eyes and say exactly who it is. And when I open them I’m right.

    This is just some of the things I can do.
    What do you think?

    I’d appreciate your help, and I’d like to know if theres anyone else out there like me that I can talk to?

  51. Seth

    If so, could any of you guess what I look like (hair color, facial features, height), where I live (country, state, or province), my age, and the first letter in my name?

    You don’t have to guess exactly perfect, but you could make an approximate guess … use your psychic abilities!

  52. Ray D

    Do you believe it or not?
    Why or why not?
    Is your opinion based on a specific religious belief?
    Have you ever experienced it first hand/do you have any “psychic” abilities?

    (predictions, visions, healers, prophets, telepathy, apparitions, aura reading, channeling, ect.)

  53. stephen m

    Okay listen to this theory and tell me what you think…

    Alzheimer’s usually hits people in their later part of life. There are around 5 million people living with this in United States. This causes the patient to have memory lose. Long term and short term. This disease progresses

    There is not a number of the people who claim to have psychic abilities in the United States, but the powers vary from person to person. Some weak and some strong. It is believed that the powers can be developed if you have a weak power.

    Here is the theory. There are mental condition like Alzheimer’s which take your memory away. Could it be possible that the majority of people have a equal mental condition that makes them unable to see their future?

    People with mental conditions which cause memory lose can occasionally get flashbacks of their memory, so would someone with an exceptional mental condition be able to have a flashback type experience involving the future? Could these things be related?

    If the past and future is related shouldn’t memory and premonitions be just as equally related, regardless of the fact of it not happening as often?
    okay so you say people can not see the future, because it would change course. I also know someone who can see things in the future(not everything), but does not share the information, because he has a sense of feeling like it is wrong to do so.

    who says they can see others peoples futures? maybe only things involving them?
    maybe not a disease, but mental condition?

  54. Squall Leonhart

    About 3 or 4 years ago I went to a medium and she said I was psychic. I have caught amazing EVP Recordings. I’ve gotten touched before. And every so often strange supernatural phenomenons happen such as my piano playing by itself. How can I expand my ability as a psychic please help.

  55. JackReynolds

    im 14 and i have heard so many stories of people (mostly here on yahoo answers) who have developed or have all ways had a psychic ability.

    i really really want to develop a psychic ability i heard there are so many like being able to see coloured auras around people or knowing what people are about to say and all that

    i really want to be able to do something like that because i HATE being so normal and boring and i have all ways wanted to develop a psychic ability and also i am normally depressed and jealous so if i had an ability like that i think it would really make me much less depressed all the time and more motivated and positive…

    but does anyone know how i can develop a psychic ability??
    thank you

  56. Cliffy N

    I would like to hear about peoples experience with this. i saw a psychic and she was very convincing….kinda scary too !!!

  57. Random

    two years ago i said i was going to kill a dog, three months later it was ran over. when i tested my “psychic” abilities on a person the person ended up in a car crash and died, so do i have psychic abilities?
    I can not drive, and there is such thing as psychic abilities!

  58. xiM Clutch

    While my friend doesn’t like to make this known, he seriously has been accurate at predicting things..It’s scary, but kind of cool that he’s my friend and has warned me about things that I could have gotten myself in deep trouble.

    A week before his niece died, he predicted that would happen. I didn’t believe him when he told me that something bad would happen to his niece and thought “It’s just in your head,” but it was so weird how it really did happen. There have been many examples of this in the past 4 years that I’ve known him..There were dangerous people that I was going to get involved with (thinking that they were safe), and he warned me about them months before that the dangerous incident happened. The examples are numerous of him being able to predict things. One astrologer even read his birth chart and said that he’s one of the few people with this ability.Do you know anybody like this? My friend is embarrassed that he has this, because it makes him feel weird.
    This friend is verbally abusive sometimes, and people don’t know why I’m still friends with him…..If I tell them about this, they will probably think I’m crazy.
    I don’t think you can be 100% psychic….But, sometimes you can get a feeling about some things.
    Purnimac-He is recognized as a verbal abuser by professionals, and fits the critieria.

    I think it’s possible to be multi-dimensional, as having bad qualities doesn’t mean you can’t be able to predict things.

    Everybody has something good and bad about them.

  59. fattiemanny

    How do you use them? Can you use them at will, or is it sporadic?
    Well, I don’t believe in psychic phenomena, but I enjoyed reading the answers. I’ll put it up for a vote.

  60. RxP DarkBox

    i have looked at a picture of a dead boy and felt how he died and whenever i go into a house where something bad happened i feel like i am going to pass out so i was wandering if i have any signs of having psychic abilities
    I’m 14 and I’m a guy

  61. Heath

    Hello , before i say anything else i just wanted to say that i am no wizard or necromancer or a witch or a druid,

    So i was with my mom and i told her watch this and i visualized the lightning and when i open my eyes and push my mind into making a lightning it actually happens and i told her ill do it again it happened but 1-3 seconds after the visualization. so do you think i have a psychic ability ?

  62. thexbox360player

    I need some information to read about. Any websites or knowledge you may have would be nice. Or experiences if you have gone through any. For instance if you have the ability at what age did it start to come through more and how do you handle it all. Information is for personal use so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    I mean any psychic ablities…dreams that come true..encounters with the unkown I would like seriouse answers.

  63. Jeffery Carlson

    Okay, well about once a week strange coincedinces happen to me. Here are some example of some stuff:

    1. I was chatting with someone online with the TV on, and I typed the character XD just as the TV announcer said Disney XD.

    2. I was playing an online game, and was camping, and all of a sudden I though “wouldn’t it be funny if someone was behind me” I turned around, and sure enough someone was there.

    3. I was looking up a game called “Age of Mythology” on a forum, and for some reason the search engine only searched mythology, and at the top of the page there is a contributor section, and one of the users name was “mythology”

    4. (Last and strangest one) I was playing a video game, and started singing a song to myself. I turned on my radio at whim, and sure enough the exact part of the exact song I was singing was playing.

    I mean, that’s just from last month. So what do you think? Coincidences or psychic ability?

  64. Sriram R

    I read that people can work at developing psychic sensitivity. Aren’t you just born (either) with, or without it?

  65. Travoiz

    So i feel stupid asking this question but i recently i went to a psychic and he told me that i had pyschic abilities and that i should get in touch with them. i’m just not sure exactly how to do that. So my question is: how can i get more in touch with and enhance my psychic abilities?
    i visited the psychic in Estes Park, Colorado while on vacation and everything he said was extremely accurate.

  66. John


    Originally posted this in Religion/Spirituality, but didn’t get any responses so I’m re-posting here. Are there any Christians out there that have psychic abilities? I’m an empath and pick up other people’s emotions and energy, and I’ve also seen spirits and had other paranormal phenomena happen to me since I was 16. Being an empath, makes it hard to deal with people and certain situations since I pick up the energy of everyone and everything around me. I believe that God’s given me these gifts and He’s helped me through a lot, but I haven’t really told anyone about it.

    Is there anyone who believes in God that’s going through the same thing? I also need to talk to someone about blocking negative energies coming from people and places, because it’s come to the point where it hurts to step outside because of the overload. Please share your own experiences. Thanks :)

  67. Eric

    Do you believe in psychic ability? Have you had any experiences about encounting someone else who has alreday passed away ??

  68. Jose B

    Basically i just want to know if anyone can educate me more about my sign.
    I was born on the 1st July 1990 and ive done a little reading about it and i came across ‘water signs’ especially people who are Cancer has psychic abilities.

    And it got me thinking because ive always had good thought and intuition. And ive always had random coinsedences ive thought about but havent paid attention to, and when i started to pay attention i thought ‘ok its just a coinsedence.. if it happens anymore il become more conscience of it’ and perhaps maybe i do because it happens a lot.. its irritating sometimes because its not that you plan it either, it just happens.. sometimes daily or every other day.

    also i wondered if anyone could tell me about my planets? i know my sign is ruled by the Moon but ive read a few people saying about sun rising, fall.. or something like that?
    i can also empathise really well with others if that helps?

  69. happyha31

    I am a empathy and I wanted to know the differences between light worker and dark worker. Is there other ability that the empathy can do? like sending messages to their love ones?

  70. Mark M

    If so, could any of you guess what I look like (hair color, facial features, height) , where I live (country or state), and the first letter in my name?

    You don’t have to guess exactly perfect, but you could make an approximate guess … use your psychic abilities!

  71. Jack Bauer

    i have seen a spirit, have had prophetic dreams and other stuff when i was a child.i have been an empath all my life my personality is insync with empathy.I always thought that was a good thing as I got older I realized its not always a good thing ,at one point I could’nt watch the news anymore because I was a emotional basket case,I have learned to control this ,now that burden has been liftedwith self-control..but now I am experiencing other abilities,my boyfriend and myself had a few heated arguments and when i start shaking the lights go off and the tv flickers on and off i act like its a coincidence but i don’t think so,i go to the bathroom and vomit and i get a bad headache that last along time .the thing is i get this same headache only when i do psychic test guessing colors and numbers and pictures i do them online because there free .i have also experienced levitation i always realize this because i feel my feet hit the floor.can you help im concerned [not crazy,thank you]

  72. stephen m

    not long back now i had an accident where i got hit by a car at a good 25mph. i later went into hospital with brain injuries… from that day i have been able to read people. i recently made a prediction to my friend 1 month before this something occurred and i got it right down to every detail. i also have premonitions in my dreams and get a lot of de-ja-vu i also feel vibes from people and can tell what a persons thinking. i used to believe in psychic ability from a young age and always used to see spirits. for some reason i also see spirits from time to time. i need some help i dont know what too do as sometimes it gets a lil freaky how well i know someone before actually meeting them :O

  73. Con Orpe

    I think that i am psychic because in multiple situations i get a very strong gut feeling towards a situation. For example, in a class i had we had to draw names from a container. For the first 4 people I got a feeling that told me who was going to be picked and how they would react. It isnt controlable and happens at random times. Another situation was where my brother and i were on a ropes course and i was behind him. As he reached the platform connecting the previous course to a zipline, I felt a surge of danger and the need to get over there asap. I did, and when i was over i noticed that my brother hadn’t attached the special zipline pulley thing. Luckily i could stop him before he went down. I also usually know almost immediatley if i can trust someone, if it will rain, if something bad will happen, or if someone is lying. I sometimes get dreams with events that do happen, and I am very observent and know the answers to questions that require a good memory and observations.

  74. homerliveshere

    So, I tried the Zenner card test…I’m not sure if it works or not. It’s just I have deja vu and things like that a lot. So, I wanted to try it. Well, I’d pick a symbol and get it right, but then usually get a few wrong. But the thing is is I think I go against my gut feeling/ inner voice. Every time I got a symbol wrong, it was what I thought it would be in the back of my head. Maybe I think things over too much?

    That tends to happen with a lot of things- I’ll think something, but then brush it aside. Then, it turns out I was right in the first place. A few examples of other “psychic like” moments are these: Ferrari. It’s a movie I’d never heard of until one day this summer. SAME DAY, I walk in a room and someone on the TV says Ferrari. And a few days before that I’d heard a word in a song- a song I hadn’t heard in a long time- and a few hours later a movie with that title comes on that I hadn’t seen in a long time. And the words in the song were just random words I’d heard when I payed attention to the radio. I’ve had dreams that come true also. It’s weird.

    Could this mean that I have some type of psychic ability? Is it intuition that I need to pay more attention to or what? I’d also like to learn how to control this more if I could.
    well, I’ll try to think of some other examples if it helps..

    I can be really good at guessing the time. I know, some people probably think think that’s no big deal, but there’s been a few times when I haven’t looked at the clock for a long time and guess the exact time. I don’t know if that has anything to do with psychic abilities though.
    Um, sometimes I say things at the same time as my mom. Like we know exactly what the other is thinking. For instance, one time I was in the mood for a donut (don’t ask, haha) and I went to go ask her if she wanted to go out and get something at the corner store. Before I even got the words out of my mouth she asked the same exact thing as me. It was so weird and we laughed when I told her I was going to say that.

    And if any of this stuff is hereditary (idk) Here’s a story: my dad, when he was about 10 or 11, woke up one morning and saw a woman and little girl holding hands and standing in his doorway. He was still a little tired and just stood
    there. He told me that they were smiling and had long, flowing white gowns. They were beautiful, and they looked solid, but he could tell they were slightly transparent. As soon as he registered the thought of how weird it was, they faded away.

    2 or 3 days later he was walking is bike across a highway, on some bike-walk thing. He got hit by a car and had his leg run over.

    When he was a lot older, he found out my grandpop needed a heart transplant and was upset. He stormed into his work office place and went to his desk and just sat there, thinking. He told me the new secretary walked in and said she could see his aura. He seemed to be highly regarded? or something in heaven, she said. He thought she was weird at first, but then she said “And your guardian angels are with you too?” he was like “what?” and she described them as two females holding hands and smiling, and he was amazed. She was on Larry King a few years later.

  75. Sahil

    How do I enhance my psychic abilities.?

  76. Nick

    I know there is something in this world called psychic and I know not everyone know it because some is born with it and some will get it by trying their self…Can I have this kind of ability? I’m so Curious about it because sometimes when I’m lying on my bed and looking at something for a very long time, I feel like that thing is moving or have something diffrent.

  77. Roflcopter

    Okay well I know that everyone has a hidden level of psychic powers but I was wondering does everyone have a talent for a certain ability or does everyone have a hidden talent for everything ?

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