Are Psychics Real – How to Know the Real Psychics From the Fakes

Are Psychics Real – How to Know the Real Psychics From the Fakes

are psychics real
For everybody who is on this site and browsing this post, then almost certainly, you actually believe in psychic gifts. For me personally, I’m a professional tarot reader, so obviously I really believe in psychics already. And yet, others question: are psychics real?  They don’t believe in them, and the significant reasons may be the amount of “phony” “psychics” to be found. These men and women suggest they’re “psychic,” but commonly they do so for either entertainment purposes (for instance a mentalist) or they actually do it to generate income – ie., a rip-off. What talents may be faked? I chatted with a few mental magicians who gave me a small run down of the talents that could be successfully duplicated and exactly how they are doing it.

Are Psychics Real?  Find out the Top Ways the Fake Psychics Dupe You:

1. Telepathy (Mind Reading)

Mind reading, or Telepathy, is characterized as listening to another person’s mind. The idea telempathy sounds very similar to telepathy, thus a large number of folks commonly will use the expression “empaths” for individuals that pick up the feelings of others. Somebody skilled at analyzing non-verbal signs in facial expressions and/or tell-tale body language might appear to be a telepath to people that don’t recognize these types of tiny muscle twitches– which generally might only last a moment. Oddly enough, these “telepaths” might not on a conscious level have a clue how they attain these facts, and therefore may in fact believe they have a psychic gift. A variant of telepath is “object reading” – the ability to read vibrations or some other images through different objects. Yet again, the magicians inform me that the almost all the true info may come through the body language and the response to the remarks that the fake psychic gives.

2. Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing)

In spite of the common usage, the term “clairvoyant” does not imply all forms of psychic ability or only the power to predict one’s destiny. Technically, seeing faraway objects is often classified as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), sometimes referred to as a Second Sight mainly because the info is not originating from the normal five sensory faculties of smell, touch and taste. The easiest way to fake clairvoyance and make people question are psychics real is by using another person which gives clues. Such as, a magic show might have the mental magician blindfolded on stage. The other person usually will move through the viewers and hold up something from one of the audience members. The mentalist’s partner then uses phrases that include coded words for every sort of item. The assistant may tell something similiar to: “I am now holding this woman’s object in my hand, can you tell us what it is?” “Woman’s” and “hand” might be code for “lady’s purse.” When the gender is different, then the thing being held is actually a man’s wallet. And that is a good example of the simplest code words. A lot of professional mental magicians, and experienced scammers, come up with VERY intricate code words.

3. Astral Projection (Out of Body Experience)

Astral projection describes out-of-body experiences where the person either goes some other place on the earth or to the “realm of spirits.” The astral projector leaves their physical body one place and projects their conscience or perception somewhere else where their consciousness can view objects. Similar to the clairvoyance example, the mentalist or fraud can provide information to the viewers from a confederate, which will leave you wondering are psychics real.

4. Precognition (Foretelling the Future)

are psychics real by aktivioslo

Photo by aktivioslo

You will know a psychic is just not faking being able to see the future immediately after they has won the the jack pot in the lottery a few times.  If someone could do that, then you wouldn’t question are psychics real.  A lot of people that erroneously claim that they possess this psychic ability often make use of incredibly broad predictions, e.g., “A guy with darkish hair will play a crucial role in your personal life in the coming year.” This specific phenomenon can also be controlled by what researchers label the “confirmation bias.” Generally, this implies many people recall the predictions that “come true” but yet possess a tendency to overlook the various predictions the person prounounced which did not take place. Again, the person who thinks they are psychic may possibly imagine that they really possess this particular ability. These people will not understand that they can be analyzing an individual’s reactions to their more general prophecies to make the far more precise types.  Are psychics real?  These people will definitely make you wonder.

5. Mediums (Talking to Spirits)

What are commonly referred to as Mediums and spiritualists say they speak with dead loved ones. Charlatans proclaim to have information and facts “only the the person might know” by utilizing his or her target audiences’s strong emotions toward their loved one together with their desperation to communicate with them, making them later question are psychics real. Reading the nonverbal communication as they make basic observations or comments and then carry on off the client’s answers or reactions. For instance, the medium could claim, “I perceive the letter G is really important.” Because the eager mark will begin searching for a interconnection and can certainly make the neccessary jumps to make it fit. They may hear the letter “G” and say “Grandma!” This will likely then direct the “medium” down that route.

6. Telekinesis (Moving Things With Your Mind)

are psychics real - the truth
Wouldn’t it be great to move items without holding them. Telekinesis (in some cases known as “psychokinesis”) is amongst the top “parlor tricks” for fakers and stage magicians alike, which will make you are wonder are psychics real. A thing as easy as magnets under a surface might make something move across it. Fakers likewise work with tiny wire to lift up objects or mirrors can create the impression where the object appears to move or appear elsewhere. Not surprisingly, with movies similar to Return of the Jedi, in which Jedi Knights were able to manipulate objects with the Force, we all know that just about anything at all can be accomplished in movies. A common effect that is definitely often practiced is what is called to as”spoon-bending.” In spoon bending, the individual displays a metallic spoon by the handle and after that the bowl of the spoon seems to curve or contort without having to be touched. Even though the mentalists I chatted with couldn’t disclose the specific techniques they utilized, they made it very clear that you can’t trust your eyes.  Just another reason why people questions are psychics real.

Are Psychics Real?

Though we have shown numerous cases of how people will pretend having a psychic talent and make the average person wonder are psychics real, try to remember – you will find legitimate psychics in the world. This specific short article was intended to enable you in finding the authentic clairvoyants from the various knockoffs so that you can get a genuine reading from a legitimate clairvoyant and not just fall for a fake. You will discover numerous methods that you need to use to look for a legitimate psychic clairvoyant and you may find out more about some of my various articles or blog posts to make sure that you discover a respectable psychic.

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  1. United

    I”ve been doing some studying the past few months on otherkin and other things. I feel really connected to vampires right now and I have a weired obsession with Vampires. Not the fake blood sucking ones but the Psychic ones. How do you become a psychic vampire?

  2. dubmecrazy3

    I am very curious about this. Are the people who say they are psychic really psychic, or are they just trying to scam you? If they really do have special abilities then how do they work? Is anybody on here psychic? How can you tell if a psychic is real or fake?

    If you are not going to answer my question properly/seriously then don’t answer!

  3. callofduty5123412

    Since my dad died 2 years ago, me and my family have seen several clear signs from him. I’ve experienced an unexplained incident where all our kittens were let out of their cage and the door to the room was wide open, even though I locked it. My sister saw part of a ghost upstairs.

    I want to try to communicate with my dad, but I don’t know which method to use. Should I just try and talk to him? Ask him to come in my dreams? I don’t want to go to a psychic medium because they cost money and could be fake.

  4. thexbox360player

    Have you ever fought someone who used psychic energy (they hit you without touching you)? If it’s fake how come there are videos of entire classes of students practicing and reacting as if they are being hit? A mass delusion?

  5. Peter

    I know there are many fake psychics, but even if there is one genuine psychic doesn’t that mean our future is determined?

  6. sam N

    I see things others don’t. Spirits, ghosts, whatever you want to call them. They talk to me and tell me about their past lives. Do I have psychic abilities, or am I just crazy?

  7. Matthew David

    Making the assumption that there are people are a legitimate psychics and clairvoyants, how does one determine a real one from a fake? What are the criteria used to determine if a psychic is actually a psychic?
    While I tend to agree with Paul, I was hoping to elicit a response from a believer in this type of paranormal phenomena.

  8. sarah w

    I know that you would normally all say ‘cold reading’ but what about the times where a person makes an effort not to show any visual clues and goes wearing neutral clothing and the psychic still gets everything right?

  9. andresumoza

    My friend bid on a psychic auction on and the internet psychic gave him very vague information. I think he is dumb to bid on that. Now he wants his credits back.

  10. Sergio

    I am curious because about three weeks ago i went to three different psychics and was told some future predictions but i dont believe they will happen. All three psychics were credible they got excellent reviews on the internet.

  11. apleaforbrandon

    I know many of you will view my question and tell me there is no such thing as a real one, or its a demon.
    But i would like the opinion of someone who has had experience, who understands what i am talking about.

    Please don’t answer if you tell you there is not such thing.

  12. Nick

    Ive read a lot of psychic books and they all state they have done readings for years and some state they approach strangers. WHere are these civilians? Anyone ever meet james van prag? serious answers only and if your going to say they aren’t real please give a thoughtful reason why you believe they aren’t.

  13. Rishabh Bajpai

    Am trying to find out if they are real or fakes.

  14. Le Pwner

    I absolutely love these types of shows. I have been interested in the paranormal since…forever. What is your favorite paranormal show? Do you think they are real? What do you think when the incorporate a psychic/medium to help? I am just wondering what others think, and if anyone has ever been on an investigation?

  15. ericmreitz

    While there may be real Psychics, why do they charge money for the reading?

  16. dealy

    I was wondering what different people thought about this subject or if they had some experiences to share about it. The reason why I ask is because so many people say is such a bad thing or fake; while others think it’s real.

  17. Jonny

    There is really quite a difference, but it can be hard to pin down!

  18. mr flibble

    I have a question I need answered, and to do it I’ll need to work with a psychic, medium, or whatever you call such a person. Unfortunately I live in a small town and I’m almost certain there are no such people nearby. At least there aren’t any listed in the Yellow Pages. ;)

    So it’ll have to be by email or phone, and I’ll probably have to find one on the Internet. But obviously anyone can call themselves a psychic and take money from customers. And anyone can put up fake reviews purportedly from previous customers who rave about how great the so-called psychic is.

    How do I distinguish the real deal from the phonies? What sort of things should I look for? Where should I look? Thanks.

  19. Hotshot t

    i know i should have asked her this but it was in the beginning and i was still a little skeptical.. then by the end of it i was a believer. so everyone that has had bad readings its because 95% of psychics are out for you MONNEYY.. but this lady is actually part of the 5% real.. she knew too much to be a fake… so i would now like to know what starting a new cycle means?

  20. United

    I’m in a situation where I really want to know where I am heading and I have questions about this new crush that has entered my life and I have always wanted to go to a psychic. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to spend too much money and I want to find someone who is a real psychic since there have been fake ones roaming around the news. Any suggestions?

  21. davemc74656

    I’m wondering if there are pet psychics around the area ( I live in Pa). Has anyone ever used one before? Thanks!

  22. Mathew

    I’m just curious as to how people find good psychic and weed out the fakes before choosing to go to one and not waste time and money.

  23. Mackenzie P

    My friend met this guy and told her a bunch of things. He told her that she should have died in a crash awhile back, he described her room to her and it was right, he told her a bunch of things that have so far, actually happened. So now I’m wondering, could they be real?
    He didn’t ask for any money, and they met at a party. I’m contemplating meeting him. He might be of help.

  24. Mark M

    So they have no space limits to read people? Are they suppose to charge for their services? I think some people who are real psychics don’t charge but then again i don’t know. I have lots of curiosity about psychics and paranormal stuff. Well just looking for feedback what do you think?

  25. xiM Clutch

    I need to ask any real psychic readers am I gonna get pregnant this year? Please be a real psychic I tried looking up psych is online and there just fakes.

  26. Gundown64

    Sure, she could be a huckster, but I got the impression that she sincerely believes that she gets messages from the dead. So, is she deluded? I wonder what goes on in her brain. I don’t for a moment think psychics are for real.

  27. Xbox Gamer

    I need to talk to a real person who casts spells and/or is psychic .. anyone know of a good one and not a fake one?

  28. superdork

    My g/f wants to go to one this weekend but I’m sure alot are fakes around here if not all of them

  29. nyyankees1123

    I kind of believe in psychics and have been thinking about seeing one, however, there is always the chance of visiting a fake one and getting ripped off. So I’d like some opinions, thanks.

  30. Mike

    Is the show long island medium partially real (with the exception if the 1 on 1 interviews where producers tell them what to say), or is she a complete fake?

  31. Kaden

    I have try keen liveperson eBay Etsy California psychics and USA psychics everyone that I have used was all scams.

    I know they are people that are gifted I ask for help me find a real psychic not people answer saying they all are fakes.

    I am a open mined person and I know psychis are real my wife use to know a psychic that was real she pass away she was ahead on everything about our life and we didn’t give her any info or even tell her what area we need help in so she didn’t just read us by the way we was acting or anything like that I know how most people that are not understanding think.

    I would just like to know were I can find another person as gifted as she was. Like I said I have try lots of places and I know how to pick out the fakes this is just getting old looking all of the time.

    Thank you for any help that you maybe able to give.

  32. Ray D

    I’m interested in using psychic help. However, I hear psychics that charge money are ones who are fake. I want the real deal and genuine help. Anybody know of anyone? Also, I’m new to Yahoo and I can not contact anyone, so if anyone knows anybody please let me know through yahoo answers and provide me with an email.

  33. JackReynolds

    How would one go about finding a real psychic and a non-psychic?
    Where can you find a real one? fake one?

  34. Mc L

    I had a psychic reader tell me my future through a email that I paid for. Is any of it for real?

  35. Courtney

    I only saw one and I was wondering if there were more out there?
    Im still havnt made up my mind yet. The footage looks so real but then they point out the evidence of hoax like footprints, flags, staged mountain ranges, Area 51. I dont know what to believe.
    Also if this is true then why dont they send people back to the moon?

  36. Willie

    I am neither a believer nor a disbeliever.

    I do, however, believe that it is mathematically probable that there will be some people will just happen to be right, even 50 times in a row. I actually know someone who just happens to have made a dozen or so accurate predictions of events in people’s lives.

    I also believe that people’s unconscious minds will work hard to evaluate and analyse data, and often come up with smart and accurate predictions.

    There are hundreds of frauds out there. In fact, I think most of the psychics you see on TV are total frauds and fakes.

    So while I am very sceptical of any person who professes to have this power, I still do not disbelieve in such power, since it cannot be disprove.

    What do you think? Are there real psychics out there?

  37. everydayGuitarist

    I was at the mall and someone was charging $20 to give psychic and tarot readings. I could tell she wanted to make money. but there were a few little things she couldn’t have known. but I don’t know. Im a bit skeptical. Anyone think it’s real? she claims shes been doing it since she was little and it’s in her family. I believe in psychic ability but i don’t think anyone is truly psychic. The future can be changed so easily. And a friend of mine can see things and feel what others feel and some of the things he told me that were going to happen…she told me the same thing. Is it just coincidence?
    give me your opinions.
    if it’s fake then I only spent $20…not a huge deal

  38. Elijah luv

    Has any body any real good experiences with psychics predicting important future events (with a time line)?

  39. Noe R

    have you ever had a psychic reading?
    I live near a psychic and i want to go see if psychic are con artist or not.
    I hope their real. (:

  40. Scott W

    My neighbor does and she say’s there’s so many people out there and I wouldn’t doubt it if there’s really real psychics out there, fake ones as well.

    I think it just depends on the person! A lot of them are fake but some of them are real. I think it just depends where you’re seeing one.

    Which is true! I saw one that was fake but the other was pretty accurate with some stuff and it came true.

    What’s your opinion on that?
    there’s to many unseen forces like ” Bigfoot” and “aliens” and so many planets out there that probably have living creatures over there.
    Just like people believe in angels etc……….
    But isn’t that being closed minded if you think all of them are fake because in all reality everyone person is different, what makes you think there isn’t people out there who have some special gift.

    I have seen telekinese people before!

    Every person functions differently. Sorry. I have to agree with my neighbor! What if this person new nothing about you, did readings without you telling them anything about you.

    Don’t you think that’s pretty creepy?
    @ Tony. The one I saw online was pretty accurate about my sister hiding a box underneath her bed which is the picture of the 2 of you. Your sister wants to be close to you but she’s not.

    After I had this reading a month ago me and my sister barley even talk at all, we constantly fight.
    @ tony because you’re judging all psychics when some could be possibly real. Psychics are known to be frauds but what happens when one of these day’s you end encountering one that isn’t a fraud. It’s just a matter of opinion.

    kinda like.. people think that just because someone has a tramp stamp they assume they’re a hoe when it’s just something the media made up.

  41. ScRSC

    @stephen returns: can u explain,wt u mean?

  42. stingerms

    James Randi a scientific skeptic held a challenge for around 20 years for 1 Million Dollars it may still be going on im not sure on that fact, but anyway the task was for anyone with genuine powers to come forward prove it under real observation where they could not fake and not one single person ever won the money, meaning no one genuinely had any real powers beyond human, not one person of all the people who tried out ever had anything in reality, millionaires like Sylvia Browne who said they would take up the challenge always backed out because they would be proven for the liars they are, dose anyone know of any person who said something would happen famous person and then those exact words came through. I think its kind of sick that these liars screw usually desperate people out of money,
    James Randi who was a magician proved many frauds in his time and almost became desperate to find just one person with genuine powers sadly there has never been a single person step forward to meet his expectation,
    Gypsy Garcia good answer but then again im talking about people who claim to see the dead and everything before it happens and claim to see it all the time so surely if they were telling the truth a silly test would be no trouble.

  43. balinderk2000

    will we ever hook up? please be detailed so i know if your really psychic, thanks
    sebaybay is a boy at my school that i like, does he like me?? will we ever go out? will he break up with his girlfriend?? we are freshmen
    sebaybay is just a nickname i made up for him! lol!

  44. Kaden

    I was watchin Psychics Kids, Children of the Paranormal.
    Is this fake, cause it looks real to me.

  45. John G

    For the longest time I’ve been wanting to visit a psychic just to see what my future holds but a part of me is not sure if I should? What do I have to lose?

  46. Jason M

    I have been intrigued by psychics for some time and would love to gain some insight into a few things, but my past experience has shown they all appear to be frauds. I believe some people indeed have psychic ability, but how do you find those? Have you had any amazing results?

  47. skychi99

    Hi, I recently went for a palm reading with a psychic for a few dollars. She said that I’m supposed to live 86 to 87 years old and supposed to own a business. Then, for an extra $20, she performed a meditation for me and gave me a candle as well as a small crystal rock. I went to visit her again, after her meditation, she had talked to me about having something keeping me from fulfilling my life; and then, talked about how she was sensing that I had negative energies surrounding me and that it was really powerful. For an additional $400 dollars, she will then perform some kind of prayer, with candles blessed by a priest to remove the dark negative energy. However, she did say to me that she sensed the PTSD as well as the childhood abuses I’ve received. She openly said that she offered no promises regarding the ritual she was offering with the huge blessed candles, that I would have either a good day or a bad day. In the initial reading, she asked me to make two wishes and that to tell her one and keep the other one secret. I told her that I wanted to get married and did not tell her about wanting to own my own business. My question is this, does she appear real or fake? Has anyone ever had a reading with Dorina? I like to keep an open mind, but just don’t want to get ripped off.

    Also, I went to one of two of her locations and saw a bunch of religious memorabilia. There were three chair, two the them facing toward one another. Most importantly, she asked me if I wanted to go through with the $400 dollar service and how soon could I do it.
    I never spent the $400 dollars. Although I keep an open mind, but am skeptical just like everyone else. The reason why I asked is to see if anyone has ever had a positive experience with a psychic.

  48. slipknot0129


  49. Ryan Z

    Lately for SOME strange reason I’ve just developed a fascination with psychics and their abilities.. and if possible i’d like to possibly learn something yanno?

    But do you guys think that psychic are even real?

  50. jdfan

    dont say all are fake.


  51. Daniel

    i need one please no ddumb comments or people saying there fake.only answer if you are a real phychic

  52. Terrence

    Now I understand that the future is not all set in stone, but I think it’d be interesting to get a psychic reading. I only request that real psychics answer this.

    I was born in 10/16/1993 at 2:31am
    sun= libra
    moon= scorpio
    ascd= leo

    I’d prefer not to give away where I live or where I was born. I hope that’s enough information. Can you tell me a few things that are likely to happen to me, like what will be the gender of my first born (that is if I have any) maybe my career path. I’d also like to know if I will find love this year. I’ll report you if you feel like mocking me.
    Thanks. :)

  53. Mistry

    are they real? i went to one and she told me everything that has already happened in my life, my past….it was pretty werid but i still dont know whether to believe or not i mean she couldnt look me up on some computer data base and find out my life story so im still confused
    hahahah funny santa….but how i mean how could she know my life by reading my body language…i sat there and listened and said yes if she was right…i didnt give her any info or a topic to talk about
    so in other words they are real…i mean if they use demons and can communicate with them to tell people their past then they must be real..i mean i cant just ask my demon friend in my mind about this person i just saw cuz if i could i would ask them about every hot 20 year old girl i saw and told them their past just to get them to bed, nah mean, lol

  54. mal_functiongeo

    I just got an email reading from this psychic called “Eliza” and the scary thing was, she told me a lot of true events that actually happened to me in the past and described me perfectly. It was so accurate, it was scary. Are psychic readings real? Should I take this psychic’s advice that she gave me?

  55. isk8at818

    i i called a psychic and she told me i was pregnant (!!!!) i thought it was interesting although im not lingering on her word. HAs anyone here ever got true readings from a psychic?what was it? please share…

  56. Ryan Dunn

    If real why could’nt she predict 911.

  57. Orbit

    Is she a real psychic? I wonder this because sometimes on Montel Williams, when people ask her questions, it seems like she is telling the truth, but then, at the same time, some predictions she seems to get wrong, like one where she said a girl’s boyfriend had died in water and the girl said he vanished in 9/11. Is she real or a phony?

  58. gail C

    Where could I find a real psychic? How much would it cost for them to read me? Could I do it online? Please tell me!
    Thanks Miguel. I’m holding.

  59. Alun J

    too many people say yes and no

  60. nyyankees1123

    Like in real life?
    I know theres alot of FAKE psychics, but theres a few real ones. How can you tell the difference?
    i want to get a reading done
    I’m a libra
    born on October 7th, 1991 at 9:00 am
    in Los Angelos California
    Rising Sign is in 09 Degrees Scorpio
    Sun is in 13 Degrees Libra.
    Moon is in 10 Degrees Libra.
    Mercury is in 16 Degrees Libra.
    Venus is in 00 Degrees Virgo.
    Mars is in 23 Degrees Libra.
    Jupiter is in 05 Degrees Virgo.
    Saturn is in 00 Degrees Aquarius.
    Uranus is in 09 Degrees Capricorn.
    Neptune is in 14 Degrees Capricorn.
    Pluto is in 18 Degrees Scorpio.
    N. Node is in 14 Degrees Capricorn.

  61. Keegan

    Like psychics such as Linda and Terry Jamison.

  62. toast

    i need some help and i would like to talk to an acual accurate psychic do you know any?

  63. Keaton

    a month ago I went to see a psychic. I have to say that shes legit. something she has predicted already came true, so please don’t doubt it.

    and she predicted that ill meet and date an OLDER WELL-DRESSED MAN (3-5 years older)
    and im not sure because im not generally into men. I mean I like the sometimes but not as much as I love women AT ALL.
    and id like to know if see actually SAW me with that man or was she just kind of talk to my guidance and that’s what she told her or whatever?

    because I don’t think im going to be in a relationship with any guy.

    please help! thanks!

  64. stingerms

    I personally think she is mosty full of s***.
    I have seen her on the Montel Williams show quite a few times.
    as soon as someone asks her anything , she has the answer in specific details in a matter of seconds. I don’t care what you ask her, she knows instantly what the answer is . where your dead loved one is , who killed them, what kind of car they were driving. the month and year that you will have a child. what sex it will be.
    ANYTHING, she has the answer. She even said on the show that she knew where Jimmy hoffa’s body was but she wouldn’t say because she was afraid that she might lose her gift. I don’t remember what her reasoning was. But i thought, why the hell can’t she say where he is? he is a murder victim. He has a family that would love to know where he is and be able to give him a proper burial. I do believe in psychics to some extent . but i don’t believe that anyone is that gifted. To have the answer to any question in a matter of seconds.

  65. TommyKay

    If your a psychic can you read me and tell me who my spirit guide is and stuff?
    Can a psychic tell me who my spiri guide is?

  66. mmminja

    Im a real psychic I can contact the spirit world and do summoning. But I have tried to find people with my same gifts and most of them are fake.
    When I say psychic I mean that I can see and talk with entity. I do not guess or fake questions ask

  67. hank baseballs

    … why don’t the real ones get together and organize some accreditation and registration and force all the fake ones out?
    Every other sort of industry has some sort of recognized standards why not the peddlers of paranormal?
    For the purposes of this question I am assuming that some psychics are real as it is a common point of argument for people that belive in that stuff.
    e.g. ‘I know Sylvia Browne is fake – but Mary Clairvoyant can read me like a book!
    Chainlightning – used to love Benny Hill when I was a kid. Liked your Python clip yesterday too. What a rude ouija board :)

  68. Shay H

    Im just wondering if psychics are real???Or do they just tell you what you want to hear>>>???

  69. joevsyou

    Just curious, who am I going to marry?

  70. easton j

    Do you think psychics are real or are they just faking? Some people think they are demonic forces and some think they are sent by God? Any thoughts?

  71. Rishi

    I am wondering if their are real psychic? it seems like when most hears about something like that, they think bad thoughts (demonic even), but even in the bible some of the prophet were able to give predictions. I am just wondering if there are real psychics out there?

  72. Lucas H

    i met this woman on msn who claims to be a psychic
    but i thought she was just a fake. but the weird thing is, it just seemed unbelievable. she knew absolutely everything about me. i was playing football with my friend at about 9pm last night and she said to me ”was football good? you was playing with a red one wasnt you!” but it gets complicated. i was just asking her about a lot of people i just said i have a crush on somebody and she said ”ahh yes the name is hannah saunt right? long brown hair, fair skin, braces?” its just crazy how does she know this stuff she knows my favourite foods , lucky number, what i had for tea, and date of birth just everything. she told me to close my eyes and count to 30 so she could do some spell on me. i was sick after and was feeling really dizzy, i sneezed and she said ”you just sneezed didnt you” its getting too much for me now its becoming unreal. is she real or is she SOMEHOW playing with me???? she knew my dog was dead and ive told nobody. and she predicted my grandma would die and she sadly did :( :( :(
    what is she? is she real?? i need answers!!

  73. Taylor G

    Does anyone think psychics are fake or real?

  74. toast

    I don’t know if I believe people can be psychic…..can someone prove me wrong and tell me something about myself that they would have no way of knowing? Maybe tell me about what will happen in the near future for me, with the things I am struggling with. I am a pisces…3/1/1983
    Please no MEAN comments….thank you

  75. Tyler H

    if you think it is real, do you consider it as a form of witch craft.
    If you think they are fake, do you think they can self deceive themselves into believing its true?

  76. Victoria T

    Hi,I only want real psychics to answer and not people who want to be rude, if you aren’t psychic, LEAVE this question alone please! thanks.

    Do you see my going out with a guy named Brandon soon or at all? How does he feel about me now? If there will be a relationship, when do you see this happening? Thanks.

    My Birthday is 3/16/94 (Elizabeth) <– Me
    Brandon has light brown hair, kinda tall (average height about), has blue/green eyes.

  77. Le Pwner

    A few weeks ago, i went to a psychic && she told me about my future and everything, but she could have just been making it up && guessing right??

    Has a psychic ever said anything to you..that has come true?

  78. TommyKay

    Does anyone here believe in psychics and them predicting ones future or are they all fakes? What is your take on this?
    I went to a psychic recently and she knew things she had no buisness knowing. So i don’t think they are all fake but some maybe. As far as evil goes i don’t think it has anything to do with heaven or hell, maybe their just gifted.

  79. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    Just wondering because I heard a few say they’re scammers and a few say that they’ve actually predicted personal future events… Any experiences out there?

  80. Stevalicious

    i just wanted to know if anybody has used a real psychic before and did they work and help you

  81. Michael

    They are charging $350 for half hour phone reading? They ask for your address, picture, and the problem you are looking solution too?

    I had a phone reading with Tana Hoy 2 months ago. I had a feeling that he was just telling me what I wanted to hear? He charged $250?

  82. Sir fliesalot

    just wanted to see what some peoples opinions are on psychics. do you think they are real or are they all fakes and if you are a “psychic” give me a little proof

  83. David

    there are things we don’t know about, can’t explain or find hard to explain like how did the world start, is there life after death etc. just like psychic abilities. why should some people not have real psychic abilities just because we don’t understand it, cant prove it or explain them?

  84. Andres C

    Because in June (2011), I went to one in Atlantic city, and it was just for fun, I was single and everything, one told my future and said in November I would meet a guy who name begins with a “J” and on my birthday I met this guy named Jake, and we are a couple and its gonna weird :O

  85. Hotshot t

    my mom went and the Psychic really knew alot about her and she said that bad things will happen to me [ im 14] never got in trouble before and the dam Psychic said im going to jail!!! will this really happen im freakin about lol but then another one said that i will do in school and that im a great kid lol with is going good because i did get honors if the first one is true how do i prevent it = [

  86. xLittle21Yaox

    Online readings, like live chatting with them who claimed to be real psychics, – if so, how effective can be if they dont see you in person or actually physical reading.

  87. Xavier Hawthorne

    If you can answer these questions, giving me answers only I would truly know, I will then know psychics are real. And please, don’t even comment if your not a real psychic! -

    What’s my personality like?
    What’s my future look like?
    What’s my past look like?
    Are their spirits or demons around me?
    What do I need to do, in order to change my life?
    What’s my social life like?

  88. evil chevy

    So many people in my family claim a lot of people in their country do black magic but I never believe it’s real. Also I always think psychics are fake, but are there ones you know that are truly psychic?

  89. Moore, Ron

    i recently went to a psychic and he read my cards. it was alarmingly similar to my life and things that are going on in it right now.

    he told me that i needed a cleaning because my auras were multi-colored and if you were one with yourself, your aura would be one color.

    everything that he told me sounded legit. he was really cool and spent quite some time with me answering all of my questions.

    but i am just wondering if this is real? should i really spend some spare change to have my spirit cleansed? is this real? how can you tell the difference?

    your help is appreciated.
    thank you

  90. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I know a lot of you do not believe but I want to test it myself. Do any of you guys know where a real psychic can be found for a real reading.

  91. Joe T

    Ive always been skeptical towards psychics. I always hear about them finding missing children or pets, and i always wonder if its just all a lie/act. And i am unwilling to pay money for a psychic hot line just so i can be scammed. So, psychics, are you just liars or what? And non sychics, what do you think?

  92. Jeracoo L

    id like to know from someone with experience in this; not just someones personal opinion…
    my sister was randomly contacted buy a psychic that is located no where near where we live..
    and told her her past present, how many kids she has and their name and alot more, she told her that in her future she could see a car crash with alot of rocks and water, she has been having nightmares every night because of this, is this stuff for real or?

  93. Mark M

    are they real? how do they know stuff? or are they just taking chances that you might have that particular thing going on in your life at that moment?? Its been yrs, but I went to one when I was a teenager. What she told me has came true.

  94. Kobe

    i went to a psychic shop today with a good friend. we had palm readings, he went in the room first and got a $5 reading then came out with a smile. i went in got a $10 palm reading. she said somethings that were true…like alot of stuff thats kinda hard to explain.. but my friend told me she told him that his girl frined was having an affair with some guy and that was true. and she told me that alot of people were jelous of me and that my girlfriend was well natured and all that. its like she knew everything about me she also told me its hard for me to save money cause i spend it all and that was true as well …but i still kinda wonder. what you guys think??

  95. shahrukh

    ok.. i dont think they are real. sorry for the believers. but please, if you believe in them, tell me good reasons as to why you do believe that they are real.
    also, can someone tell me how they ‘read’ the customer & know all his or her personal infor & stuff? because i think that’s all it is–very good, well thought out guessing, off of the simple info that the customer gives. but maybe im wrong.. idk. i mean, i believe in spiritualism, divinity, etc. but to a point.. i just dont believe that a person can see the future or anything.

    & one more thing. if that is all it is (lucky guesses), then how do i mislead a psychic or trick them into saying something ABOUT me that is not true. thank you. :)

    (sorry if i sound dumb, ignorant, or naive about psychics…. :( its ok if you get mad haha)

  96. Travoiz

    Does anyone know any real psychics’ in New Jersy? Or can tell me on here? I’m at a really hard point in my life and need some real guidance but I know alot arent real.

  97. Paul M

    I want to know if being psychic is real and if it can be taught. Mostly just for my own curiosity. I have heard if you are more “in tune” with your-self you can have dejavue (sorry spelled wrong) which is a form of being psychic. Is that true? Anything you know about being psychic I would like to learn.


  98. norrin_shadowwolf

    Have you actually known a real psychic, a person who actually has a gift of prophecy? Perhaps, if there are such rare people, they will be very few and perhaps they don`t advertise.What is your opinion on this, and did anybody really come across such a person? (Please share the details)

  99. mendhak

    please i need contact with a real psychic who can help locate objects!
    this object was not lost in my house, it was lost downtown. i really need it back, kuddos if you figure out what it is aswell.!
    ive heard of soo many people you can “sense” things, like the where abouts of objects, or have visions of where things may be! i really need your help please :( , i know you guys are out theree!

  100. Ryan Z

    I want to go to this psychic in a gem store near me, it’s one of those stores that sells tarot cards and healing crystals and wind-chimes. the psychic is a woman in her 30s i’d guess, she has a soft kind personality and doesn’t seem like a fraud. can I trust her?

  101. altair

    Can someone please help me out. Im wanting to contact a psychic to see what they have to say. I was wondering if they are just a bunch of fakes or can the right ones actually help me out and not just tell me what i want to hear. If so can someone recommend a site with some psyhics I jsut need help on where my life is going. thanks .

  102. Ryan Dunn

    Are they’re really people out there that can predict the past & future? Some people say they are scam artists but some claim to be real? Is all the medium stuff made up too?

  103. Benihana

    Possibly a police psychic or an entertainer…

  104. Joe T

    I’ve heard about psychics and people that talk to the dead and predict stuff and things like that, but are they real?? If you asked 2 psychic people the same question, would they give the same answer??

  105. stephen m

    How do you know if a psychic is the real deal? I went to a grocery store with my child and husband one day…husband and I had an argument so we seperated when we walked in the store. A strange old lady also shopping came up to me and said she can read my fortune…ofcourse I said “no, I don’t have money” so she started touching my kid’s arms and did he reading anyway saying he’s very smart…I got pissed and pushed the shopping cart away so then she touched my hand and said “are you having menstrual problems?” (I actually was because I kept bleeding for a whole month), then she told me I’m fighting with my spouse (which I was in the car before we walked in)…so then this old lady had the nerve to say ” okay, that’ll be $5, I’m still shopping so I will find you later and you can pay me”…WTF! She read me and my kid even though I refused her services and had the nerve to charge me! CREEPY, so me, my kid, and husband high tailed it outta there!
    So overall, are psychics truly real…I’m still skeptical but curious.
    I like everyone’s comments and the skeptical side is winning…I don’t believe in psychics but I do believe in astrology :) thx 2 all

  106. sethburger

    Does anyone know? I’m thinking that they’re not real. But I’ve always been curious to try it out because I have friends that swear up and down about having spiritual experiences and have apparently seen ghosts and stuff… and also believe in fortune tellers and psychics. I’m not sure what to think.

  107. morbiusdog

    looking to ask a ? on love life am i mint too be with my ex girl friend or some one new in the future thanks god bless

  108. whitesoxfan2347

    I want to know cuz if they r.. they would know that the twin towers would fall or the tragedy at virginia tech…that would save so many lives…but watching on history channels…they seem so real and seem to know what theyre a little confuse and need ur assitance!!!

  109. joevsyou

    are psychic real?

  110. Death Knight

    i need a REAL psychic to helpme out with my back hurts
    willing to pay
    no you dont understand it hurts emotionally

  111. morbiusdog

    I am looking for a medium and/or psychic.Someone who is clairvoyant.

  112. jdfan

    How do you feel about someone knowing what you think, and knowing what you have done?

  113. lets roll

    hi id like a free reading about how my month is ganna go. you can contact me for details via my email on my profile. get back

  114. Franklin Bluth

    I visited a psychic who told me that this girl I’m currently talking to has soul mate potential. I’d like to know if psychic power is for real.

  115. Dr Dorian

    hi well i know im young but i know a lot about the paranormal. i love it. i love learning about astrology aswell. i was just wondering if anyone psychic out there could do a reading on me. maybe it will help me figure out certain things about me. thanks a lot if you do.

  116. Lucas H

    Are psychics real? Can someone actually predict what will happen? And I want to know if I could possibly have psychic abilities if they do exist. I have dreams all of the time, almost everyday. I have about 7 or 8 dreams a night and they are really random and weird. And then like a few months later. The exact same thing that I dreamed about happened. The setting is the same and the people are wearing the exact same clothes and say the exact same thing.

  117. Adam

    I called a psychic and she told me allot of the stuff about my love life that was true told me was true and as for predicting the future none it came true I just wanna are psychics real and will my love life get better for the year 2014 # LOVE SUCKS

  118. Scorch Delta-62

    am i goin crazy or wat but i just no som stuff and ream about the future

  119. Keaton

    I don’t exactly have a specific question…I really have a lot of questions…but if you could just give me a general reading on everything from daily life…to love/relationships…I would really appreciate it!

    dob – 12/18/1986
    born – austin, tx
    time born – 5:59 PM

  120. friendly 4

    Have u ever spoken to a psychic? are they fake?
    are they evil? do u believe them? is it witchcraft and i mean have u ever seen those e-mail a psychic ads are those the phony psychics??

  121. cardskid22

    so i wanna go to a psychic but where i live there isn’t any psychic so my question is are online psychic real or some of them are real maybe you had an experience and if there are who do you recommend ? thanks

  122. David

    I want to know if There are Actually Any Real Psychics.If so and you know of one Can you send me to one? A link maybe?

  123. whites are not the only racists

    Paranormal stuff.
    So a very helpful psychic told me my gift was an empathy. Why all can empath do?? What is the main thing they can do. How can they help people.?

    Please email me at I’m in need of REAL psychic help. About ghost and spirits and how science ties in to all of this paranormal phenomenon other things. If you would like to ease my curiosity please e-mail me at anytime.

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